The NIIF Program

The National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIF) Programme serves as a framework for the development and operation of the research network in Hungary.

The Program covers the entire Hungarian academic, research and public collection community by providing them with an

  • integrated computer networking infrastructure, and, on the basis of that,
  • a wide range of communication, information, and co-operation services,
  • leading-edge environment for networking applications, as well as
  • advanced framework for content generation and provision.

The Program is based on funding by the central stately budget.

The history of the NIIF Programme goes back to the mid-80s. The Programme, in accordance with the international practice, at the same time plays a leading edge role in the development and introduction of most advanced networking technologies in Hungary. By this way, the Program fulfils a deterministic function in the nation-wide development of the information and communication technologies. While providing an up to date and competitive infrastructure for the academic and research community, the Program also serves by piloting new networking technologies and applications for the widest development efforts in the country.

Also the international relations of the NIIF Programme have a more than 25 years history. These relations are also based on the Hungarian academic and research networking infrastructure, services, and applications of highest European standards. The Programme provides most advanced technical and application background for more than 600 000 users from the fields of science, higher education, and public collections in Hungary, and since 2014, 1 500 000 additional users from lower education adds up more than 2 000 000 users on a day-to-day basis.

NIIF Website


NIIF Institute has been operating supercomputer since 2001. The service provides scientific computation and data storage facilities. The components of the supercomputing infrastructure found in five locations:

  • NIIF center Budapest
  • University of Debrecen
  • University of Pécs
  • University of Szeged
  • University of Miskolc

Various supercomputer architectures are available in different locations, because we need to support different types of scientific computing tasks. In order to support all kinds of scientific computational needs different computer architectures are available. We have cluster based supercomputers in three locations and two ccNUMA machine. The supercomputers are operated by NIIF Institute staff. The latest development tools and scientific applications are available for the users. The documentation of the supercomputers can be found at the NIIF HPC Wiki.

Any person or research group who has a contractual relationship with the NIIF Institute can use the service. Usage of the supercomputers is free for authorised users. New users should request a HPC project here. After the project is accepted invitations can be sent out for group members by the principal investigator. Invitations for the HPC portal can be managed here.